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Daily maintenance and maintenance of plating equipment

Release time:2021-10-22 16:32:05  viewed: 550

Electroplating equipment is an important condition for the production of electroplating enterprises. Certain investment must be made in industrial production. The investment funds used are used to purchase various electroplating equipment. New equipment is not cheap, if constantly buying new equipment to solve the problem of wear and tear, it will cause a lot of economic pressure to enterprises. Therefore, how to maintain and repair the equipment under the condition of ensuring normal production operation, so as to minimize the production cost?

Daily maintenance and repair

The maintenance of electroplating equipment includes: ① repair and maintenance of the frame. Regularly check whether the stainless steel surface is deformed, check whether the passing installation screws are loose, missing and worn, clean the surface dust to ensure that the rack is clean and tidy. ② Repair and maintenance of crane. Check whether the machine can run normally, whether there is unusual noise, brake performance should be adjusted regularly. The fastening of the bearing seat and the lubrication of the bearing need to be tightened in time. On the contrary, it requires the right amount of grease. (3) Repair and maintenance of swing mechanism. Check the fastening of the reducer base at a certain time, and the vibration will be weak and serious wear, which needs to be replaced immediately. Repair and maintenance of circulating filtration system. In order to ensure the flow of the filter, the filter element of the filter is often clear or replaced.

How to maintain electroplating equipment parked for a long time

The equipment should be placed for a period of time and not used, which needs to be noted: there should be no water on the floor, ensure that the place where the equipment is placed is dry and ventilated, and the equipment motor should be well protected and wrapped in fresh paper. In order to prevent bearing rust, lubricating oil should be injected before placing.

Check to restart plating equipment

After not using the equipment for a long time, all the sealed plastic wrap should be removed before restarting, the contact between parts should be checked, the aging of the power cable should be replaced, the fastening of the screws should be checked, the surface of the stainless steel equipment should be comprehensively cleaned to ensure that it is clean and beautiful, and the sensitivity of the equipment should be tested when it is finally started.