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The reason why the electroplating plant chooses automatic rolling plating equipment

Release time:2021-10-22 16:39:25  viewed: 621

Many advantages such as high efficiency, good surface quality of plated parts and wide range of applicable parts are widely used in electroplating production. But with the continuous development of electroplating equipment industry, the requirements for output, quality and pollution reduction are becoming higher and higher, automatic rolling plating equipment emerged in this context.

Automatic roller plating production line has the following advantages:

1, replace the plating, do not need to clean the material bottom, can arbitrarily change the early processing, electroplating and other time, the production line is still working normally, do not stop, do not need to re-debug.

2, cleaning, light, passivation and other containers are not filled, but transported into the conveyor belt, to avoid mutual pollution, the barrel is always not out of the plating solution, pour clean, greatly reduce the amount of plating solution.

3. 10% energy saving, 30% electricity saving, 50% time saving, 90% water saving and 90% labor saving.

4. It is 30% of the price of similar products. It covers an area of small size and can be used in rolling plating plants.

5, special barrel, no need to open and close, no barrel printing when the current is large.

6, into the barrel automatic measurement, automatic loading and unloading, automatic drying, automatic drying packaging.

7, high degree of automation, without personnel care, low noise, smooth operation, durable.

8, zinc anode is placed in the barrel, the current does not need to pass through the hole conduction, direct effect of plating, so the power saving effect is very obvious.

9, water absorption device, to prevent excess liquid out.

10, the feeding car has a liquid box, can be long distance feeding without deterioration. Convenient, it can adjust the retention time in the liquid and in the air during passivation.

Automatic rolling plating equipment is the best in electroplating equipment, is the most widely used electroplating equipment, with it no longer worry about uneven coating, poor quality, serious pollution of the environment.